Cluster name resource failed registeration in DNS

For clustering the Cluster resource name must have full access to the Virtual Cluster Names so when failover takes place DNS entries can be updated.

However if you used a underscore _ a big NO! NO! with NetBIOS and DNS names. Solution: wipe and start over.
If you used a dash -, an exceptable NetBIOS name, your still screwed and got this error. BUG in Windows 2008 R2.  You can add the name manualy to the DNS, but it will not be automatic.

Following errors were recorded in event logs when it registrations fails:

Cluster network name resource 'SQL Network Name (VirutalClusterName)' failed registration of one or more associated DNS name(s) for the following reason:
DNS signature failed to verify.

Ensure that the network adapters associated with dependent IP address resources are configured with at least one accessible DNS server
In DNS Management (dnsmgmt.msc):

  1. Find the VirtualClusterName that is failing to register.
  2. Right-Click Properties.
  3. Select Security Tab.
  4. Click Add.
  5. Click Object Types.
  6. Check off "Computers"; uncheck other options selected.
  7. Enter in the name of the cluster (a.k.a Cluster Name Object (CNO)).
  8. Click Check Names; Verify that the entry has been found.
  9. Click OK.
  10. Give the CNO FULL Control over this record.
  11. Click OK.
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