Robocopy Windows to NFS shares not working

When we use robocopy '/XO' option from Windows to NFS, it is still copying everything.

This happens when the granularity of the date/time stamp of the two file systems is not the same. One file system might have a granularity of 1 second, the other of 2 seconds.

To Fix it, use the '/FFT' option

Nexus One - MMS

Suggest to install 'Handcent' as your sms application. It has auto resizing image feature which is great during mms (limit is 300kb if you don't know :) ). It has lots of other features too..

Delete all the APN.

'Reset the default' from the menu.

MMS will works now.

For M1 Users, pls set as follows:
Name : MiWorld MMS
APN: miworld
username: 65
password: user123
MMSC: http://mmsgw:8002/
MMS proxy:
MMS port: 8080
MCC: 525
MNC: 03
APN type: mms

Name: MiWorld WAP (GRPS)
APN: miworld
Port: 8081
Username: 65
password: user123
MCC: 525
MNC: 03
APN type: default

Name: M1 Internet
APN: sunsurf
Username: 65
password: user123
MCC: 525
MNC: 03
APN type: default

Nexus One - How to Hard-reset the Nexus One

  1. With the phone off, hold the Volume Down button and press and release the Power button.
  2. You'll boot into the menu you see above with the famous android robot. Select Clear Storage from the list by pressing the Volume Down button.
  3. Press the Power button, and confirm by pressing Volume Up.
  4. Sit back while your phone reboots in its virgin state.

Nexus One - How to import SIM contacts to Phone

1) Go to Contacts
2) Import/Export (under the menu)
3) Import from SIM Card
4) Import All (under the menu) or select a contact to import
5) Display Options (under the menu), Select 'All other contacts' under your account

Done... all contacts is shown :)

Use Dir command to list only folders

Use this command to list only folders name without anything else.

DIR /ad /b