How to collect IBM Dynamic System Analysis(DSA) logs for an ESXi server

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It is possible to gather DSA data from an IBM server running ESXi without having to boot with a bootable CD or reboot the server at all.

From any machine, Windows or linux, you can run the latest release of the DSA tool, then reference the ESXi server using commandline parameters when running the DSA tool.

Step 1: Download the appropriate IBM DSA utility on any windows server that has connectivity to ESXi server.

Step 2: Open the command prompt and go to the directory where the DSA utility presents.

Step 3: Enter the below command to collect system information

#ibm_utl_dsa_dsyt85t-3.40_portable_windows_x86-64.exe --vmware-esxi  user:password@ip-address

Note: this will take some time to gather diagnostics logs and store it in C: drive.
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