Howto install OS on new SSD for Samsung NP530U

BIOS Options:
  • Fast BIOS Disabled
  • Secure BOOT Disabled
  • CMS BIOS Seleceted
You need Hirens Boot CD (It must have Norton Ghost and Mini WinXP. Check versions 11.X or 15.1 Rebuild edition) on a USB Disk.
  1. Start Windows 7 install from USB Windows 7 Disk.
  2. Remove all partitions from iSSD and Sata HDD.
  3. Install Windows 7 to 24GB iSSD.
  4. On first restart Windows 7 setup (system is stuck normaly on this section), remove Windows 7 USB and use Hirens Boot USB. Start Mini Windows XP.
  5. If you can successfully boot Mini Windows XP, Start Norton Ghost 32 from Hirens Tool
  6. On Norton Ghost, select Copy Disk to Disk and copy iSSD to Sata HDD. After copying, don't restart the system. Only quit Norton from the menu.
  7. Use Partition Wizard from Hirens Tools. Check your new copy SATA HDD status. You must have 100MB System Partiton Active and Primary position, and a second partition for Windows Setup with Primary status.
  8. If all is OK, restart your PC and remove Hirens Boot disk, Windows 7 setup should resume.
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