Firefox most useful and common keyboard hotkeys

Ctrl-W or Ctrl-F4 (Close Tab)
Instead of click red icon on the tab, just pres Ctrl-w.

Ctrl-Tab (Move to next Tab)

Move to the next tab use Ctrl-tab without using your mouse.

Ctrl-Shift-Tab (Move to previous Tab)

Move to the previous tab…

Ctrl-Shift-T (Undo Close Tab)
You can visit closed tab again…

Alt-D (Select Address Bar)
Alt-d and type the address..

Ctrl-K (Select Search Bar)
Like Alt-d, but this select search bar.

Ctrl-D (Bookmark current tab)
I think most of you known this hotkey

Ctrl-Shift-D (Bookmark all tabs)
Tired bookmark all tabs one by one, try this hotkey.

Ctrl-F (Search Word)
Maybe this is the most keyboard hotkeys that i used. It is very useful to find a word in a webpage.

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