Samsung Omnia i900

Samsung Omnia i900
Samsung Omnia a.k.a i900 is a excellent phone with touchscreen, A-GPS (Assisted GPS), a 624MHz processor and the customer’s choice between an 8GB and 16GB flash drive, Samsung ups the ante in just about every other department (except, arguably, the slickness of their software platform -- it's based on Windows Mobile 6.1.)

An externally-accessible MicroSD card slot provides for up to 16GB of additional storage – perfect for quickly loading up a slew of movies or TV shows before your next long trip. And that video content can be in DiVx, XviD or even WMV if you so choose, along with MP4 and H.264.

On the musical side of the equation the Omnia goes beyond the de facto MP3/AAC combo to include WMA and the open-standard OGG, while adding an FM radio for a quick shot of news or some totally random variety in your listening.

Samsung’s own addition to the OS in the form of a widget-based overlay called ‘TouchWiz’. This mimics Vista’s gadget-friendly sidebar and desktop by parking a sidebar onto the left of the screen which can hold up to 14 handy widgets – you can see around six at any time, and scroll the sidebar up or down to view the rest. Drag the icon for any widget off the sidebar and onto the phone’s home screen and you’ve got information at a glance.

Here some tips on using this sleek samsung omnia phone.

1. For lock screen after call established setting go to POWER/CALLING to config
Screen will be lock when call is made, 10sec later it will off LCD

2. By default the front panel buttons will wake up the device but u can set at BUTTONS/WAKE UP for any button or just power button
U can also set to lock when the device is woken up

3. Flashlight option is off by default, go to setting BUTTONS/FLASH LIGHT to enable it
Press and Hold Volume UP for ZOOM IN/OUT at any application
Press and Hold Volume DOWN for FLASH LIGHT
Press and Hold Reject Button for LOCK DEVICE

4. By default the device is set to AUTO ADJUST BRIGHTNESS u can set to manual instead.
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