Youtube email confirmation error

I figured out how to fix this. I was having this problem, too. I was logged into my YouTube account, but I couldn't subscribe to video feeds or forums. I always got the error, "You must confirm your email address to create a subscription."

Try this:
1) Go to your own user page. For example, mine is
2) In the "Connect with " (for example, Connect with
MuggsMcGinnis), select "Send Message" button.

When I did this, I got an error that the email address was invalid.
The address shown on the screen was "muggsmcginnis", not my correct email address. So, I changed that to the correct address and sent the message. I received the message in my email account:

Hi MuggsMcGinnis,

Please click here to confirm your email.

Once you confirm that this is your email address, you'll be able to
upload videos to YouTube.

Once I'd done that, the problem went away.
One of the odder aspects of this YouTube bug is that the system already had my correct email address. I used the option to reset my account password and it sent the confirmation email to my correct email address. Obviously, their account database could use some normalization"
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