Detailed Instructions on How to Jailbreak Ipod Touch (itouch) 1.1.4

Good article on jailbreaking if you still intent to use firmware 1.1.4

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Update: If you have an iPod Touch with the latest 2.0 software you will need to downgrade your software from 2.0 to 1.14 before using this tutorial.

In my previous ZiPhone post, I was not as explicit with directions as my other jailbreak method. I am sorry. To make it up to you, here are DETAILED instructions for Jailbreaking your iPod Touch. For those of you curious, it takes up as much space as ONE song. So not a lot at all.

WARNING: If anything goes wrong, hold the home button and the power button until it turns off. Keep holding it until it shows the connect to iTunes image. Then try again. It should work the second time if the first doesn’t.

1. Restore your iPod to firmware 1.1.4

  • Plug in your iPod and run iTunes.
  • When your iPod shows up in iTunes, click the restore button
    • This will erase everything on your iPod, but you can sync it later
  • Do not restore from a backup

2. Download ZiPhone

  • Download ZiPhone
  • Click on the downloaded file and let it install
  • If it doesn’t install, you need to download and install this .net microsoft file

3. Run ZiPhone

  • With your plugged in iPod and ZiPhone running, click Jailbreak (the second action)
  • Wait a minute, and your iPod will be jailbroken with installer on your home screen.

4. Get it Running

  • In installer, go to the Install tab, click all packages, and install BSD Subsystem
  • To get the January apps, go to the sources tab and click edit, and add OR
  • In the Install tab, go to iPhone 1.1.4 Applications and install iPhone 1.1.4 Apps
  • Add the source
  • In Installer, go to Install, All Packages, then install BossTool
  • Once installed, click home and let the iPod refresh
  • Click BossTools, Free Disk Space, then Relocate Fonts
  • You can then uninstall BossTool in Installer in the Uninstall tab

5. You are done

  • Sync with iTunes and enjoy your Touching
  • Keep reading to see what the next steps are and what you can actually do now with your hacked device.
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